Who we are?

BH Machinery Limited Company, established with more than 30 years of production experience in machinery and metal products manufacturing, serves our customers with the principle of "mutual solution partnership".

Starting from the apprenticeship level with the graduation from the industrial high school and being intern in the field of automatic filling and packaging machines many years ago, the founding partner carried his professionality to the level of mastery in machine production projects and production planning and then to the idea of ​​starting his own business.

Firstly, Desen Machinery Limited Company was established. We have served as Desen Makine to our past references.

Our reference to these companies is Desen Makine Limited Şirketi with its founder Mr. Bayram Kabadayı.

In the new period, our management team, which has expanded its production and sales targets for both domestic and international markets, has decided to realize this aim with a new dedicated company, BH Machinery Company Limited.

As BH Machine, we are successfully producing many other machines in similar fields, especially full automatic filling and packaging machines. We aim to produce the best result by fastidious assessment and examining needs of our customers before production.

We are constantly striving to renew ourselves in order to increase our production quality and to serve more industrial areas.

We consider the machines we produce as shared values of humanity that need to survive, not as assets apart from us after sale. Therefore, we cherish high quality after-sales services.

Depending on the laws of our country and the rules of business ethics to the end, we are in an effort to serve our customers.